The Abundant Harvest Truck is coming to The Gathering on October 1

Gathering people around a table for a shared meal is holy work.  The table is where we learn to be generous with ourselves and what we have.  It is also where we learn to receive and to find that we are loved.  On Sunday, October 1, the Abundant Harvest Truck will be joining us in this holy work of gathering those who were strangers around a shared meal at The Gathering.

Here’s what we need as October 1 approaches:
1) Think about the people in your community (where you live or work or study) who need to be fed.  In post-Harvey Houston, many are struggling for their daily bread.  Invite someone in need to be with us, and ask them what it would take to get them to 3530 Wheeler Ave.
2) Contact Eileen ( if you would be willing to serve as a driver to bring people from UH campus or from your community.  If you need a ride, don’t be bashful.  Let Eileen know about that too.
3) If you have cooking skills and you would be willing to help cook on the truck with Molly Carr (she has a culinary degree and knows what she’s doing), email  We will need you to show up a bit early (5:30 pm).

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