The First Week Back

The first day of school approaches, and Houston Canterbury is here for you whether you are a undergrad, grad student, faculty or staff member.  Be sure to swing by over the course of your first week back for prayer, fellowship, and fun.

Even if you can only drop by for a few minutes, it will be well worth your while to join us in front of the AD Bruce on the mornings of the first couple days of classes.  Bring a friend or two to stage your first-day-of-school photo, grab a breakfast taco, and be sent on your way with prayer.

FREE LUNCH at the AD Bruce and the Wednesday Eucharist return on August 24.  Common Worship is an ecumenical worship experience open to Christians of many traditions.  Canterbury will take the lead in the first service of the semester on Aug. 24.  Let Eileen know if you would like to serve in a liturgical role.  Lunch starts in the Atrium at 11:30.  Worship begins in the meditation chapel at 12:15.
Common Worship



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